THE Junta has set two key dates for the possible increase of COVID-19 restrictions in view of the growth of cases in the region.

On Sunday, January 3, Andalucia recorded the worst figure for infections in the region since November 22, with 2,220 new cases.

The same day, the number of hospitalisations reached 940, the highest since November 17.

With these numbers in mind, the committee of experts advising the Andalucian government will meet tomorrow, January 8, to decide on whether to reduce, maintain or extend the current restrictions.

Any new measures implemented will come into force as of Monday, January 11.

When it comes to implementing new measures, the Junta will take into account the figures that show the evolution of the pandemic in the region, figures that the Minister of the Presidency, Elias Bendodo, has described as ‘worrying’.

During his visit to the Sierra Nevada ski resort, Bendodo compared the figures of the worst moments of the ‘second wave’ with the current ones.

According to Bendodo, there has been a decrease in the number of hospitalisations and ICU patients, from 3478 patients admitted on November 7, of which 528 were in ICU down to 998 people hospitalised on January 4, with 212 in ICU.

“We cannot say that the pandemic is under control, but the plan has worked,” Bendodo said.

However, he added that given that the numbers remain high, extending restrictions has not been ruled out.

“We are going to continue to analyse the evolution of the pandemic on a daily basis, to take measures whenever the situation requires it… it is a question of saving lives,” he said.

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