CLAIMS of an ‘overwhelmed’ health system has led an opposition politician to call for the Spanish army to help vaccinate the Valencian Community.

Isabel Bonig, president of the Partido Popular, has asked regional president Ximo Puig to bring in the army and to get help from the private sector to accelerate the vaccination programme.

“We have the worst rates [of infection], we are breaking all records,” she said.

Bonig Puig
ARMY DEMANDS: Isabel Bonig and Ximo Puig

“This is not about propaganda or advertisements, we have received 61,225 doses, but if you do not use them, there is no use.”

Bonig claims that only 14% of the vaccines that have arrived have been administered. 

“We must put all the means at the service of vaccinating Valencians to save lives,” she said, “Puig has to request the help of the army and the private sector.

“The system is overwhelmed and you cannot fail again with the vaccination rollout.”

She asked that antigen tests be allowed in pharmacies and that ‘all resources’ are used to vaccinate the people of Alicante, Valencia and Castellon.

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