DURING the first weekend of perimeter closures in the region of Murcia, 225 fines were issues for attempted breaches.

National Police and Guardia Civil carried out 1,650 checks, resulting in fines being drawn up for those without good reason to cross the in and out of the restricted municipality.

There are now 36 towns and villages in Murcia decreed by the regional government, where Coronavirus restrictions limit movement in or out.

Regional delegate, Jose Vélez, thanked the police forces for their “excellent coordination” and stated, “I want to emphasize that the deployment of security forces aims to inform and help citizens and contribute to preventing the spread of the coronavirus.”

Up until yesterday, January 11, only 22 municipalities had such movement restrictions, but such is the concern regarding prevention of Covid-19’s spread, more towns were added.

Nine municipalities will still have their borders open, with bars and restaurants able to operate terrace service only at alimited capacity.

The areas are Beniel, Alhama de Murcia, Totana, Puerto Lumbreras, Mazarron, Librilla, Calasparra, Aledo and Ojos. COVID-19 Monitoring Committee spokesman Jaime Perez, said:  ”these are extreme measures because the capacity of hospitals is at stake.”

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