THE whole of Andalucia is on alert Level 4 for coronavirus, meaning all non-essential businesses must close by 6pm. 

As ever, there are exceptions to this rule, one of them being supermarkets. 

According to the Official Gazette of the Junta, big chains like Mercadona or any shop that sells basic necessities, can remain open until curfew, i.e. 10pm. 

It means that only businesses considered vital by the regional government can continue to operate past 6pm. 

If your municipality finds itself in Level 4.2, i.e. with an incidence rate of 1,000 cases per 100,000 people or higher, then all non-essential businesses will be ordered to close full stop. 

That means no bars, restaurants or sports clubs, only shops selling essential items, which can remain open as late as the curfew allows. 

For those in the lower Level 4, the sectors or businesses which are classed as exemptions and can remain open past 6pm are: 

  • Industrial activity and wholesale trade.
  • Retail commercial establishments selling food, beverages, products and essential goods.
  • Health centres, services and establishments.
  • Professional services, insurance workers and household employees.
  • Social and socio-sanitary services.
  • Veterinary centres or clinics.
  • Petrol stations.
  • Car rental and vehicle inspection stations.
  • Home delivery services.
  • Soup kitchens and other charitable establishments for the delivery and distribution of food.
  • Wakes.
  • The practice of federated sport, governed by their respective protocols, in indoor and outdoor sports spaces, for 16 years and above. 
  • Sports centres that are outdoors, provided they are not for contact sports e.g. padel tennis or golf.
  • Early Childhood Care Centres and Outpatient Treatment Centres.
  • Public employees.
  • The restaurants of tourist accommodation establishments, which may remain open solely their guests.
  • Integrated catering services in health, social and health centres and services and school canteens.
  • Restaurant services for truckers or other drivers and transporters deemed essential.
  • Restaurants may perform home delivery services until 11:30 pm, with a 10:30pm order deadline.
  • They can also provide a take away pickup service until 9:30 pm.

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