GIBRALTAR is in mourning today as six more elderly people lost their lives after COVID-19 tore through the community.

Four of them were killed directly by COVID-19 pneumonia, while two others died of other causes.

The deaths brought the total number of pandemic casualties to 53, with this week’s high numbers being branded the biggest loss of life since the 1950s.

A woman of 90 to 95-years-old and a man of 80 to 85-years-old with underlying health problems were the first to die of COVID-19 pneumonia yesterday night.

The same night a 75 to 80-year-old female elderly home resident died of COVID-19 pneumonia with underlying conditions.

The fourth victim was a man in his eighties who was COVID-19 positive but died of ‘severe frailty and advanced dementia’, said a government spokesperson.

A man of 70 to 75-years-old died today from brain damage and other medical issues, although also had tested positive for the lethal coronavirus.

The sixth casualty had been an elderly care home resident until she passed away from COVID-19 pneumonia today.

‘Darkest days’

These latest deaths come after a large outbreak at care homes in Gibraltar that surpassed the 100-mark.

Caused by visitors, the virus spread through elderly homes like wildfire.

It is believed the more contagious strain was responsible for the higher spread, as well as the cold weather.

The Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, said: “Each one of the deaths that we must sadly confirm today represents a loved member of our community.

“My thoughts are, as always, with the families and friends of the deceased. These are not statistics.

“We have lost six more of our own to a horrible virus in a day.

“These are some of the darkest days in our history.”

“I implore you, stay at home.

“Gibraltar is in lockdown to give our dedicated frontline workers a chance to turn the tide around.

“This isn’t easy for anyone but it is important that we all do our part.”

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