AFTER several days of cold and wet weather, Spring-like temperatures will return to the province of Malaga.

The entry of a mass of warm air will raise temperatures seven degrees above normal.

The warm weather will continue all week before dropping once more over the weekend.

According to the director of the Malaga Meteorological Centre, Jose Maria Sanchez-Laulhe, the average maximum temperature in the province is 17C for this time of year, yet due to the entry of a mass of warm air, temperatures are expected to reach 24C, seven degrees higher than normal,

Today, Tuesday, Marbella and Malaga City are expected to see temperatures of up to 22C and up to 23C in Velez-Malaga; and on Friday, the capital will reach 24C.

The rise will not only affect the maximum temperatures, but also the minimum temperatures meaning that warm nights are expected, with temperatures of around 14C or 15C, when they are usually around 7C.

The Spring-like weather will continue until Saturday, when the arrival of a new Atlantic front will bring temperatures back to the averages expected for the time of the year, meaning a drop back down to 19C.

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