A HOMELESS woman has had to be rescued after being thrown into a three-metre deep recycling bin in Marbella.

The victim, in her 30s, and believed to suffer from a mental disability, was allegedly tricked by several individuals into falling into the bin in San Pedro.

The woman told police that the group had offered her €2 to enter while other witnesses claimed she told them she had been asked to look for some keys. 

The large bin, built several metres into the ground, was almost empty, meaning she fell a considerable height. 

Firefighters were called to the scene on Calle Marques del Duero, not knowing whether the woman was dead or alive. 

After searching several containers they eventually heard her screaming from the recycling chute. 

“They had to open the bin ever so carefully as she could have easily got hurt,” a police source told Malaga Hoy, “there was also the risk of her being cut by glass or other bits of rubbish.” 

The rescue lasted a tense 15 minutes and saw town hall workers lift the bin entirely out of the ground.

The bin is a huge metal chute which opens at the bottom, meaning the woman had to be pulled out from the trap doors along with all the rubbish, which included glass.

“At night we see all sorts, but never anything like that,” one of the municipal workers told Diario Sur. 

The woman is known in Marbella as a ‘regular of the night’, police said. 

Marbella town hall has not commented on the case but reports suggest two people have been arrested.

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