ORIHUELA, in the Vega Baja region of Spain’s Costa Blanca South, has just announced that all of the Iberdrola electricity used throughout 2019 came from renewable sources.

It means that all municipal buildings such as schools and council offices, as well as street lighting, were powered by renewable energies.

The green energy supplies, typically derived from solar power, hydroelectric and windmill turbines have gone a long way to reduce harmful CO2 emissions that poison the atmosphere.

Orihuela Green Energy
GOING GREEN: Orihuela councillors enjoying the light sources from renewable energy sources

It is well-documented that such pollution causes a break-up of the ozone layer and produces what is commonly-phrased ‘the greenhouse effect’.

Records show that since the industrial revolution, this has increased the average climate temperature to dangerous levels worldwide.

Ángel Noguera, Orihuela’s Councillor for Infrastructure (pictured below), said: “We are producing a cleaner, more ecological and more suitable energy for the protection of nature.”

 Angel Noguera

The City Council has signed an electricity framework agreement with a ‘Guarantee of 100% Renewable Sources’ with the Diputación de Alicante.

That service ensures significant energy and economic savings for municipalities in the province.

Since 2018, the Diputación has worked with the Provincial Energy Agency on an agreement called the AMS 8/2018 Power Supply Frame.

Municipalities and corporations that adhere to the agreement are guaranteed supplies of sourced purely from renewable sources.

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