A COUPLE have been married in the intensive care unit of a COVID-19 ward in Catalunya.

The pair, aged 54 and 58, decided to tie the knot urgently after being told they each had to intubated and sedated.

After getting the green light from the health authorities, nurses and doctors at the Verge de la Cinta hospital in Tarragona put the couple’s beds together and acted as witnesses to the union.

A judge, judicial secretary and forensic surgeon were called to the makeshift altar to officiate the ceremony.

The marriage was performed extremely quickly but was met with heartfelt applause from the health workers present, reported Diario de Tarragona.

Sadly, the bride and groom, from Deltebre, were intubated and sedated immediately afterwards.

Their evolution is described by doctors as ‘not favourable’, with both continuing to be in a critical condition since the wedding on Friday.

The wedding was filmed and photographed but the children of the couple are remaining anonymous while their parents fight the disease.

The images will not be released until the couple recover and give their consent, reported Diario de Tarragona.

Mayor Lluis Soler wished a quick and happy recovery for the couple so that they can ‘enjoy many years of bliss.’

The pair had processed documents to get married months ago but had to postpone any wedding plans owing to the pandemic.

They were admitted to hospital in a serious condition more than a week ago after having tested positive for coronavirus a few days prior.

The woman was first to be hospitalised due to the rapid deterioration of her condition, with the man following her just two days later.

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