THE Guardia Civil in Spain’s Malaga have carried out more than 100 operations against animal abuse over the course of 2020, resulting in 27 people being arrested or investigated.

The so-called Operation ‘Dedito’ has investigated 106 complaints in numerous municipalities against the mistreatment and abandonment of pets.

The complaints included irregularities to do with health, accommodation and hygiene mainly related to dogs, but also included cats, horses, cockerels and reptiles, as well as cows and sheep.

100 animals have been intervened and rescued.

This operation is part of the #yosipuedocontarlo campaign, launched by the Seprona Headquarters of the Guardia Civil against animal abuse and abandonment, which aims to raise awareness among citizens and promote the necessary measures for the protection and welfare of pets.

Citizens are encouraged to report any suspected animal abuse to the policia local or competent authority.

In an official statement, the Guardia Civil have said that all pet owners have ‘the legal obligation to keep all pets in good hygienic and sanitary conditions and to provide them with adequate accommodation and veterinary care’.

During the course of the investigations there has been close collaboration with veterinarians from various regional agricultural offices (OCA) in the province, dependent on the Delegation of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Junta in Malaga; the Malaga College of Veterinarians and also with the support of some animal protection associations.

Under Spanish law, mistreating or abandoning domestic animals is now punishable by an 18-month prison sentence for first offences (sentences of less than two years for first offenders rarely involve spending time behind bars) and prison terms of six months for a second offence.

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