SO much for Latin lovers – it seems that when it comes to the kink factor, Spain can’t get it up. 

While Spaniards are hardly known for their conservative nature, in the bedroom they’re positively prudish according to a new study. 

While  eighbouring Portugal came out on top of the global study rating each country’s ’Sex Index’, Spain failed to even break into the top ten sauciest spots. 

Researchers who looked at internet searches for sex-related terms, including sex toys, lingerie, dating apps and positions, found people in Portugal were most likely to Google kinks including BDSM and threesomes. 

We knew Portugal was a welcoming place, but this takes the cake …

Even more surprising was the news that the UK also topped the charts in the ranking of the world’s sexiest countries. 

In fact, the UK has the second-sauciest citizens in the world, according to the very specific data. 

The website in question, Pour Moi, has revealed the kinkiest positions and toys searched across Britain – and lets just say the Brits are big fans, ahem, putting in research before they slip between the sheets. 

Folks in the UK’s most Googled sex positions are reverse cowgirl, doggy style and missionary, plus the old ménage à trois is a popular kink. 

And while we’d argue folk in Spain is among some of the sexiest in the world – we have a way to go to beat Ireland,  Australia and Sweden who all made it into the top five. 

Even the Germans and Americans were rated kinkier than the Spanish, coming in at number seven and eight respectively. 

Still, we like to think we’re an open minded bunch on the costas and once the travel bans are lifted we have a lot to learn from the rest of the world. If you’re looking for a good time, perhaps  one day book a trip – and leave your inhibitions at the airport.

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