A MAN has been sent back to Colombia after being found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting his ex-girlfriend in Mallorca.

Prosecutors had originally asked for the defendant, aged 37, to be given an eight-year prison sentence for his crime.

However, an offer was put on the table that the man could instead be expelled permanently from Spain and return to his country of origin.

The defendant accepted this offer alongside having to compensate the victim with €5,000 for her psychological trauma.

The case dates back to July 24 of last year when the defendant found his ex-girlfriend in a bar in Palma.

He demanded that she went home with him and when she refused, he threatened to beat her up.

He then took her to his home and locked her inside a bedroom, taking her phone away so she could not call anyone for help.

The victim spent several days in the bedroom before finally persuading her ex-boyfrend to let her go.

Once freed, she immediately went to the police with her ex-boyfriend being arrested soon after.

Meanwhile, two men and a woman have been arrested for carrying out a violent assault on a woman in Marratxi’s Bon Sosec Cemetery.

According to Policia Nacional, the group lured one of the men’s ex-girlfriend to a fake funeral with the intention of beating her up.

When she arrived, the woman was punched in the face and pushed to the ground.

She was then kicked repeatedly in the face.

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