CORDOBA’s economy will receive a huge boost as Spain’s military has chosen the site for a brand new headquarters, promising thousands of new civilian jobs.

The Ministry of Defense revealed today that the location for a brand new Army Logistic Centre will be based at the Aeropuerto de Córdoba

The idea for the base has been in the works for over 10 years, born from the need to streamline military logistics.

The base will be be home to the main maintenance centre to take care of the vehicles and other heavy equipment, centralising the whole Andalucian operation.

The idea is to improve efficiency, travel costs and infrastructure across the board by using state of the art technology.

The Ministry of Defense hopes that the new centre will create a massive boost for the region, with the creation of approximately 1,600 jobs for predominantly civilians.

In line with Spain’s currant building regulations, the new facility will be optimised for carbon neutrality and ecological waste management.

Plans are also being pushed by support groups to transform the airport into a military grade facility.

First on the agenda will be to transform the control tower to bring it up to military standard, then to give the airport its Instrumental Approach Letter, a license to allow oversized aircraft to operate out of the base, meaning military equipment can be airlifted into the airport.

News of the Army’s decision comes as unemployment in Spain reaches record highs, with Cordoba leading the charge in Andalucia.

The country closed out 2020 with the second highest unemployment rate in the EU, second only to Greece.

Studies in the first half of 2020 revealed that one in four Cordobans were out of work, putting the province higher than similarly poor performing regions like Cadiz and Jaen, and even above Cueta and Melilla.

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