THE province of Malaga has administered 64,491 doses of the coronavirus vaccine since the end of December.

In total, between December 27and February 7, 379,664 COVID-19 vaccines have been administered throughout the whole of Andalucia, with residents in care homes and healthcare workers taking priority.

According to official sources, 99.9% of residents in care homes have already received the first vaccine dose and 86.1% of residents have already received the second dose.


And to date, 82.6% of all health care professionals in the region have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

The vaccines administered in Malaga make up 17% of the total amount rolled out in Spain’s southernmost region.

Malaga is the province with the second highest number of COVID-19 vaccines administered after Seville which has given out 82,789.

A total of 129,150 vaccines are expected to arrive in Andalucia this week, of which 74,880 will be the Pfizer vaccine, 19,700 the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and 34,570 the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Spain will only use the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for people aged 18 to 55, following one of the most conservative approaches with this medication and, for now, will only be used on healthcare personnel.

The vaccines are distributed throughout Andalucia in 37 hospitals (with 59 teams) and 45 primary care districts.

In Malaga there are 15 mobile units, nine primary care centres and 13 teams in hospitals.

In total, 143,733 people have completed the vaccination schedule in Andalucia, a fifth of the entire number of people immunised in Spain.

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