VINAROS (Castellon) will have a new dialysis centre in March.

Patients with kidney trouble will be able to begin receiving treatment at the improved installations on Pablo Ruiz Picasso street after the inauguration planned for three weeks’ time.

The news has been enthusiastically received by users of the previous centre, who had been complaining for several years that the facilities were obsolete and unacceptable.

In fact, patients in the northern districts of Castellon Province have repeatedly denounced the fact that they are ‘discriminated’ against compared to residents in other parts of the Valencian Community, who reportedly have access to better services.

A doctor preparing a dialysis machine
A doctor preparing a dialysis machine

The renal patients’ association for northern Castellon, Apfercom, has thanked the authorities for taking their demands into account, and hopes that the new dialysis centre will ‘greatly improve patients’ quality of life’.  

Spokespeople for Apfercom add that people with chronic renal disease, and especially those undergoing kidney function replacement therapy, are at a higher risk of developing severe complications from COVID-19.

Regional Health department sources have confirmed that this collective will be vaccinated in the second phase of the inoculation campaign.

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