Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Vox wants to remove free healthcare for non residents in Spain during the coronavirus crisis

VOX has asked to remove free healthcare for non residents during the state of emergency.

Expats’ healthcare should be a right not a privilege

Many expats have paid their taxes for years and rightly expect affordable care as they age.

BREAKING: Brexit Secretary writes to EU seeking mutual citizens rights deal in case of no deal

Britain has already guaranteed the status of EU citizens in the event of no deal, while multiple EU countries have done the same for their British residents

British pensioners in Spain to lose free healthcare under no-deal Brexit

The new UK Government guidelines, published yesterday, say pensioners, tourists and students in the EU will lose free healthcare after March 29 in the event of a no-deal Brexit

Let’s talk mental health: Why teenage suicide in UK and Spain is on the rise and what parents can...

The Olive Press investigates the surge in teenage depression and the role social media plays in self-harming

Undocumented migrants to get full access to public healthcare the minute they arrive in Spain

MIGRANTS will have full access to public healthcare as soon as they arrive in Spain, a new draft government decree has proposed.  The draft, which...

How to make your move to Spain effortless

Life changes don’t come much bigger than moving home, and moving overseas is a good way to increase the challenge by a significant factor....

Brit pensioners fear losing access to ‘free’ Spanish healthcare

PENSIONERS have revealed their fears about losing their access to free Spanish healthcare. Some of those who have retired to Andalucia now think they may...

Spain’s foreign minister demands UK pays health bill for British expats and tourists post Brexit

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is to meet his Spanish counterpart to thrash out a post-Brexit deal

Sussing out the system: Spain’s healthcare service

The healthcare service in Spain and how to make the most of it

British expats could lose right to live and work in Spain after Brexit vote, Rajoy warns

Spain's acting prime minister issues stark warning over EU referendum

Spanish civil servants set to lose out on public healthcare

Triggered by cuts in hospitals and doctors paid by Muface

Health cuts see more than one million people to lose medical cover in 2015

Spain's Finance Ministry has slashed list of covered doctors and hospitals

2015 is the year Spain will ‘take off’, says Rajoy

The Spanish Prime Minister is looking forward to the new year

Big cuts in Spain’s healthcare

Healthcare cuts in Spain three times higher than European average

Spain still has best healthcare in Europe, claims report

This is despite massive national budget cuts since the financial crisis

German painkillers relieve Spain’s recession headache

A German healthcare giant will produce its global aspirin output in Spain

UK turns to Spain to plug nursing gap

Shortage of specialist nurses in the UK leads NHS trust to look abroad

What to consider when purchasing senior healthcare

Juliet Hambro offers advice for those looking for health care cover

Spanish health authority runs Xbox consultations

Cost-cutting leads to remote appointments for those with chronic illness

Health cuts could cost lives warn Spanish doctors

Healthcare cuts could be leading to spiralling medical problems, claim experts

EHIC health card warning for tourists

Holidaymakers are being warned that their EHIC health card may not work in Spain this year

Nurse shortages risks lives in Spain

A severe shortage of nurses and beds is having a detrimental effect on healthcare in Malaga say leading union bosses.

Expats still using EHIC instead of becoming residents

Expats continue to be ‘confused’ about the Spanish healthcare system, the British Consulate has said

Costa del Sol to become leading health destination

Health tourism could give €250 million boost to region

‘Healthcare must be free for all’, says Andalucia Junta

Junta refuses to bow to ‘xenophobic’ rules forcing foreigners to pay for treatment