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Costa del Sol to become leading health destination

Health tourism could give €250 million boost to region

‘Healthcare must be free for all’, says Andalucia Junta

Junta refuses to bow to ‘xenophobic’ rules forcing foreigners to pay for treatment

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Helping hand for expats struggling to find healthcare in Spain

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Up to eight million euros is lost each year through fraudulent EHIC claims

Patients refused healthcare in certain Spanish regions

Tourists in Catalonia and Valencia are refused prescriptions and can only see a specialist in emergencies

Our hospitals are unwell

Andalucia comes near the bottom for bed numbers and spending per patient

Less waiting around

Healthy news for Spain’s hospitals as waiting lists fall

Are sickly Brits asking too much?

The year started with reports on the healthcare threats for British pensioners in Spain. Now it is ending with protests over a 270 euro charge levied on expatriates in Valencia. Anna Nicholas is not impressed