VOX has asked to remove free healthcare for non residents during the state of emergency.

Vox is trying to take advantage of the current situation and end universal healthcare, proposing that non residents have to pay for their healthcare if they contract coronavirus.

In addition, the far right party wants to extend the stay of illegal immigrants in detention centres to more than 60 days during the state of emergency and that they get deported the day it ends.

These are just some of the 19 proposals Santiago Abascal’s party have put forward to ‘improve’ the state of emergency, with its extension being voted on today.

The party also announced that they intend to vote for the extension until April 12.

They also want Catalunya to be stripped of any autonomous powers.

With regards to the repatriation of Spaniards from abroad, Vox believes the army should get involved in helping bring them home.

This will be the first time Abascal will appear at the Congresso since he tested positive for Covid-19 and was cleared on Thursday.

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