POLICE have warned older people across Spain to be vigilant when going to banks to pick up pensions or using the ATM in a bid to tackle theft and assault. 

The warning comes as many older people are due to physically collect their pensions and under the conditions of the state of alarm, they will have to go alone except those dependent on others. 

The Deputy Operating Director of the Policia Nacional said, Jose Angel Gonzalez said: “Be wary of people who approach you and who, under any pretext, intend to engage in conversation with you.” 

This comes as the Mossos d’Esquadra of Catalunya have also warned its older citizens and have stepped up surveillance and patrol of banks and ATMs as pension collection day arrives. 

The Mossos recommend not going to the banks if it’s not completely necessary, not withdrawing all of the money available for the month and to do so with a family member keeping a safe distance where possible. 

Due to coronavirus, it is also advised to wear gloves when touching the ATM screen and buttons. 

Some banks have reportedly set up facilities to pay the pension out online. 

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