Expat pensioners on beachPENSIONERS have revealed their fears about losing their access to free Spanish healthcare.

Some of those who have retired to Andalucia now think they may be forced to return to Britain if Brexit negotiations do not go well to get continued access to essential medication and services.

Their worries were highlighted at a recent meeting in Mijas, where they talked to Reuters about their concerns over the UK’s EU divorce process.

Currently, pensioners can get free access to the Spanish health system thanks to the UK, who ultimately picks up their bills.

But nothing has yet been decided about the future of the agreement.

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    • Ed, not quite sure what you mean about much paperwork, I understand one just complete’s a Mondelo 720 and hands it back to the accountant. No difference than completing a yearly tax return in the UK if one is in business, besides I understand the Spanish accountants fees are far less than the UK’s, so I have been told.

  1. There are 488,000 UK pensioners living in the EU (over 108,000 in Spain alone), who may also lose the annual increase to their UK state Pension as a result of Brexit. If you want to help stop this, please sign the petition at “www.pensionjustice.org/Petitions”

    Thank you.

  2. British pensioners have free healthcare in Spain due to a treaty signed between the UK and Spain in the 1970´s that has nothing to do with EU treaties. the only people who can change this treaty are the UK and Spanish governments Sadly as a UK citizen I trust the Spanish government the most.
    The sad fact about the whole Brexit fiasco is the total absence of knowledge of our lawmakers (MP´s) about the laws of the UK .Perhaps MP´should take a test about such matters which sadly I think they would all fail

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