THE Junta expects a ‘reasonably normal’ summer for the tourism sector in the region.

According to Juan Marin, Junta Vice-President, this summer is expected to be relatively ‘normal’ compared to ‘what we had pre-COVID-19’.

The announcement was made during at a meeting in Sevilla with City Mayor, Juan Espadas (PSOE) where a ‘Tourism Plan for the Major Cities of Sevilla’ was signed—a plan which expects actions worth almost five million euros to be carried out over the next four years.

The Junta Vice-President estimates that ‘travel will reactivate in May’ with the ‘reopening of territories.’

Marin, however, clarified that everything depends on ‘how the pandemic evolves and the rate of vaccination.’

Despite uncertainties, Marin encourages the tourism sector to start programming the second half of the year ‘now’ in order to be ‘more competitive’ when the time comes.

“We have to start planning ahead now”,he said “in order to have a relatively normal autumn in which the sector recovers significantly, ready to takeoff again in 2022″.

“If we don’t start working now it will be very difficult to achieve results when mobility is activated,” Marin said, indicating that everything points to a reactivation of travel in May.

The announcement comes as Spain’s Minister for Tourism, Fernando Valdes, said that British holidaymakers will be allowed in Spain this summer and ‘vaccine passports’ mean they won’t have to quarantine on arrival.

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