A 45-year-old British man has been found dead in an Alicante city centre apartment.

Initial Policia Nacional investigations show that there were no suspicious circumstances behind the man’s death

His body was discovered at 4.30 pm on Monday afternoon(February 15) by firefighters who broke into the property on Calle Pintor Velazquez.

Two Alicante Policia Local patrols went to the address after a friend of the deceased man called authorities after he was unable to contact him.

The police brought in a fire-crew who got into the flat by using a ladder to access the fourth-floor balcony.

The unnamed man’s body was discovered, which appeared to have been lying in the property for several days.

An autopsy was set to be performed at the Institute of Legal Medicine to establish the cause of death.

All early indications suggest that no violence was involved.

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