A NUMBER of reality TV stars are under investigation for their roles in an alleged gang rape of a young woman in Spain’s capital.

The personalities, who are remaining undisclosed whilst police are investigating the crime, starred in the popular La isla de las Temptaciones.

Police are looking into reports that whilst attending an illegal party at a house in the Colmenarejo area of Madrid, a young woman was allegedly drugged and sexually abused by a number of male party goers.

The party took place on February 13 at a venue on Calle Arce in Madrid, before moving to a rental property in the Colmenajero district.

Over 50 people attended the gathering, breaking the rules of COVID-19 regulations and ignoring safety measures imposed on the capital.

The owner of the property discovered the gathering and called the authorities to disperse the revelers as the house was needed for a luxury car shoot the following day.

Two days after the event, a young woman, reported to be an exchange student, approached police and described how she believed she was drugged and had sexual relations with several men whilst incapacitated.

Police are now investigating the alleged crime and trying to determine the attendees of the party, with a number believed to be stars in the popular romantic reality TV show.

Madrid authorities have been kept busy in recent weeks with numerous illegal house parties being raided and multiple fines handed out.

Cops in the capital revealed they busted a total of 227 illegal parties in Madrid between Friday and Saturday, with many using interesting methods to avoid getting caught, none of which successful.

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