A group representing 23 Costa Blanca golf courses has called for them to be reopened ‘as soon as possible’ and branded COVID-19 restrictions as ‘unfair’.

The Costa Blanca Golf Course Association says that 9,400 jobs have been hit directly or indirectly by the closure imposed by the regional government in late January.

Association president, Salvador Lucas, claimed that each golf course had lost between €60,000 and €100,000 per month due to the enforced shutdown.

Salvador Lucas said: “There is discrimination against golf because if you go out for socially distanced runs or walks, there is not an issue, and that is what the sport is about.”

“We do not understand why golf has been prohibited along with other outdoor team sports,” he added.

“Golf is played outside with greater social distancing than is demanded by COVID-19 regulations.”

Lucas also pointed out that 75% of registered golf club members are seniors for whom the sport is a very good way of keeping fit and maintaining a healthy heart.

He continued: “We fully understand the health reasons for all of the restrictions but outdoor activities like golf that have a zero contagion risk should be allowed to resume.”

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