A 67-YEAR-OLD man has been found dead and tied up in his home in Gandia (La Safor, Valencia).

The body of Carlos Almiñana was discovered yesterday (Wednesday February 24) by his nephews, who visited his flat after not hearing from him for several days.

According to the National Police, Carlos was found tied to his bed by his hands and feet, with visible signs of violence and asphyxiation.

Gandia town hall
Gandia town hall

An investigation has been launched to identify the murderer and the motive, although the authorities have revealed that a large sum of money had been taken from the victim’s bank account and his car was missing.

It is suspected that the victim and the culprit knew each other personally as the door to the flat had not been forced, leading investigators to believe that Carlos let his killer in.

The police are currently analysing CCTV footage taken near the victim’s flat and tracing the money taken from his account.

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