PLAYA de la Flecha del Rompido has been named as ‘one of the finest beaches in Andalucia’. 

The travel expert John Weller and half Spanish former stand-up comic Lola Culsan have sought to name the best beaches around country for their new book Hidden Beaches Spain. 

And as part of the new book, they named Flecha del Rompido as one of their favourite hotspots in the south of Spain. 

Located on the Costa de la Luz, the authors proclaimed Playa del Fletcha  a ‘vast and remarkable sand spit’ that is ‘unadulterated by bars or sunbeds and one of the finest beaches in Andalucia’. 

From sweeping white sand and turquoise waters in sweltering heat to dramatic cliffs and surf hotspots, the pair detail some of the most special and secluded spots in Spain in their new book. 

Reviewing over 5,000km of coastline across mainland Spain and the Balearics, the pair cover their favourite 450 beaches in the new tome. 

Spain is known across the world for being home to sandy stretches and is a beach holiday locations. 

But it was the Costa Verde that really stood for the authors. They named Playa de Mexota, Playa de la Almenada, Playa de Gulpiyuri, Playa de Merón – all on the Costa de Asturias – as among their top picks. 

The Asturian Green Coast is considered one of the best preserved coastlines in the country, boasting sweeping crescents of sand that is only accessible on foot. 

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