SPAIN’S government has confirmed that police checks at the border between Spain and Portugal will continue until at least March 16th, and only cross-border workers or those with justifiable cause are allowed to cross.

The borders were initially closed on January 29th after Portugal experienced a spike in coronavirus cases and the measures has been extended several times since then.

 Only those who have good reason, such as working across the border or returning to their primary residence are allowed to cross from one country to another at specific points and during limited hours.

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Those crossing into Spain from Portugal are only allowed to do so if they are returning to their place of habitual residence and can show documentation to prove it.

This includes those who are returning from Portugal to their place of residence in another EU member state or within Schengen zone and need to cross Spain, including students.

The BOE (Spain’s Official State Gazette) states that there is also a “force majeure” clause which accepts that those with very good reason are allowed to cross the border provided they can demonstrate it.

The border between the neighbouring countries stretches 1,214 km from Galicia in the north to Huelva in the south but not all crossing points between the two countries are open and a timetable is in place at those that are.

Spain currently has restrictions in place for travellers arriving from the UK, Brazil and South Africa also until March 16th

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