A YA fantasy novel set in the world of Otera, a deeply patriarchal society where women are second class citizens, denied education and raised to be good wives and mothers.

In their 15th years the girls are subjected to a bloodletting ritual to determine their purity, red is pure and gold is impure.

When 16-year-old Deka’s blood runs gold she is branded a demon and tortured and killed repeatedly, her golden blood giving her the ability to heal and resurrect herself.

However, because of her strength and healing powers she, and others of her kind are recruited to the emperor’s guard as elite warriors to fight the monsters threatening the empire.

The Gilded ones is both an exciting and engaging fantasy novel, and an examination of the patriarchy with a message of hope and heroism for young women.

 €12.50 The Bookshop San Pedro, www.thebookshop.es

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