A MAN has been arrested in Mallorca for allegedly forcing his wife into prostitution.

Policia Nacional detained the Spanish man, aged 50, after an anonymous person reported his alleged actions.

He is accused of threatening his wife in order for her to prostitute herself and taking all of the proceeds from it.

One of his threats was to report her to the police for being in the country illegally.

Investigators say the victim was left frightened with no economic means to leave the relationship.

The man has been charged with exploitation, threats and coercion. 

It comes weeks after police smashed a Costa Blanca-based European prostitution gang that supplied women with fake medical papers to beat COVID-19 border closures.

Polish and Russian women were made false promises of employment in Spain, the UK, and Germany.

They ended up being forced into prostitution to pay off their travel debts.

The gang even contacted another criminal group and paid substantial sums of money to get bogus medical certificates.

The documents allowed their holder to leave their home country to get urgent medical treatment despite coronavirus travel restrictions.

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