IT’S great that any newspaper is still being printed in our age of the internet and it’s something we should always try to support and maintain.

Before the birth of the internet, Sunday mornings for many people consisted of reading the papers. I always used to buy a News of the World, not only because I worked for the paper, but also, like many people, to catch up on the latest scandal or expose, which the biggest selling tabloid in Britain was famous for.

Alongside the News of the Screws (as it was known) I’d buy the Sunday Telegraph for international news and a more high-brow read.

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HAPPY 100th: Terenia toasts the Olive Press Mallorca

There’s still something nice about reading a newspaper with a morning coffee, which was often a prelude to your working day or whilst travelling on the train or tube. But then I’m still one of the die-hards who refused to own a Kindle and love nothing more than a trip to Waterstones (when in the UK) to select a new book, preferably hard backed.

A lot of things have changed since I started my career as a journalist in my early twenties. Back then there was no internet so we used books for factual research, a dictionary or thesaurus, as and when required, and we carried pagers with us instead of mobile phones.

Writing this I feel like I was born in the age of the dinosaur because since the internet became a global network in the 1990s, technology has possessed everything. More and more people communicate solely online, how many teenagers actually use their phone as a telephone? More people shop online, especially since the pandemic, and nearly every business has migrated to an online presence.


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So after 20 years in the media industry I’m prouder than ever to go full circle and be able to write for the Olive Press. The newspaper serves vast communities in Spain and the islands providing real news, which again may become something from the past if left solely in the hands of unscrupulous and self-serving organisations or individuals.

Newspapers should always remain the beacon of truth and shine a light into the deepest, darkest corners of the web. I am proud as a journalist to do my job because I feel it’s crucial to have an independent and objective group of professionals who share the same goal, which is to hold the powers that be to account.

Love him, or loathe him, Piers Morgan still champions old school journalism and I’m glad he doesn’t let politicians off lightly because they should be held accountable – although it must be said he has managed to get himself into a little hot water now over Meghan!

The media always had the little person’s interest at heart, despite the need to rely on advertising to survive. Which is why businesses should support their local, regional and national press, because without the integrity and guardians of the truth being able to continue commercially we may have nothing left but controlled, fake news.

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