ELECTRIC scooters whizzing along city centre roads are becoming increasingly common, the popularity in e-scooters is also leading to an increase in accidents and, consequently, fines.

The rise of electric scooters in Spain´s main cities, such as Madrid or Barcelona, forced the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) to establish specific regulations for this type of vehicle.

The ranking of the most common offences by electric scooter riders is as follows:

1.- Parking in places prohibited for this purpose. As a general rule, e-scooters should be parked in places reserved for motorcycles and bicycles. Parking elsewhere can lead to a €30 fine.

Madrid City Council has imposed 596 e-scooter parking fines in January of this year, and Barcelona handed out 1736 in January for the same offence.

2.- Driving on pavements and pedestrian areas. If caught riding on pavements, a €200 fine may be slapped out, although this may vary depending on Local Ordinances.

3.- Crossing while the traffic signal is red is the third most frequent fine handed out to electric scooter users in Spain and those who break this rule face a €200 penalty.

4.- Driving with earphones or using a mobile phone while riding an electric scooter is also forbidden and €200 fines are handed out to those who commit this offence.

Alcohol consumption while riding electric scooters is also not recommended, this offence isn’t as frequent, however the same regulations apply as with any type of motor vehicle.

Electric scooter drivers, like any other driver, are obliged to submit to alcohol and drug tests if required to do so by an official law enforcement body.

Exceeding the level of 0.25 of alcohol per litre in blood can lead to severe economic sanctions, anywhere from €500 to €1,000, as well as civil and even criminal liabilities.

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