THE Policia Nacional have arrested a physiotherapist for looting jewellery from a patient’s house in Malaga last month.

According to the police, the suspect, a 24 year old physiotherapist of Spanish nationality, has been arrested and charged in connection with theft.

A probe was launched following a complaint from a resident of the historic centre of Malaga after noticing that some pieces of jewellery, kept in a chest of drawers in the master bedroom, were missing.

During the course of the investigation, the officers learned that the home was attended by two workers; a domestic helper and a physiotherapist who provided rehabilitation to the spouse of the complainant.


The physiotherapist’s frequent visits to pawn shops aroused suspicion making him the key suspect of the thefts.

The accused, who had no prior criminal records, pleaded guilty at the preliminary inquiry and was arrested and charged in connection with theft.

The physiotherapist’s home was registered and several reported items were seized including seven rings and a bracelet, all of which have now been returned to their legitimate owner.

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