AN accident policy is the best protection for your daily life, which is always full of surprises.

We run the risk of having an accident every day, wherever we are, so to avoid additional medical costs, the accident policy is tailor-made cover to protect you and your family, no matter what happens.

If you think that accidents at home are not so common, a fact to think about is that throughout the year more domestic accidents occur than sports and traffic accidents.

More than 3% of the population suffered some type of injury at home or in their free time, with women being the most affected, representing 57% of the cases.

Every 24 seconds a domestic accident occurs in Spain, the most frequent being due to falls (44.20%).

The main scenarios where accidents occur in the home are the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room and the garden and, of course, all of these rooms are used frequently.

So the chances of having an accident that requires medical care is quite high.

You may be of the opinion that accidents would be covered by your private medical cover or the state national health system.

Let me assure you that this is not always the case.

So instead of assuming that everything will be automatically covered by the national health system, you could be in for a shock when you discover that your accident may incur medical costs, because not everything is covered. This would be a financial shock.

There will be many of you who will be feeling very comfortable in your assumption.

Please do not wait to discover, far too late, that you personally will be responsible for any medical costs.

If you want to enjoy security and protection, for you and your family, there are four different options to choose from at as little as €50 per annum, which will cover any financial consequences of an accident.

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