GUARDIA Civil are cracking down on movements across the region with a particular focus on roads which cross provinces and those which lead out of Andalucia.

The stricter operation is being carried out alongside Policia Nacional and Policia Local and aims to also prevent the arrival in Andalucia of citizens from other regions who have second homes here.

These measures are in addition to the current Easter restrictions put in place by the Junta in a bid to avoid a fourth wave of the virus.

Motorways will see checkpoints set up in the middle of the road, and if caught travelling to a second residence, or visiting family who live in another province, fines of between €601 and €30,000 could be handed out.

Guardia Civil Trafico
Guardia Civil Trafico are cracking down on movements across the region.

Controls will also be installed at the entrances to different cities and towns, mostly those which lead into and out of the region.

There are only five exceptions that permit travel between provinces in Spain during Easter:

1. Travel for health reasons.

2. Travel for business or official work purposes, including travelling to take official exams.

3. Travel to return to the family residence.

4. Travel for care-dependent people.

5. Travel due to force majeure or a situation of need or any other of a similar exceptional nature.

In total, 550 roadblocks are being set up across the region which will be maintained throughout the Easter week.

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