THE British and Spanish mutations of COVID-19 were both equally to blame for the last lethal wave of the pandemic, the latest government data has revealed.

Analysis of 300 genome sequencing results from December 23 to February 2 has shown how the Kent coronavirus variant spread across the Rock.

“The data shows that there was roughly a 50:50 split between the Spanish B.1.77 strain and the UK Kent variant of concern B.1.1.7 present in Gibraltar in that time period,” a government spokesperson said.

“Importantly, no South African B.1.351 or Brazilian P.1 variants of concern were detected.”

The new data contradicts an earlier figures that suggested only a fraction of the cases were part of the Kent mutation.

Government sources revealed the reason for the spread of the Kent variant was ‘frequent travel between Gibraltar and UK’.

The latest revelation comes after lead clinician at the COVID-19 lab Daniel Cassaglia, teamed up with GHA consultant microbiologist Nick Cortes.

The new data has shown how quickly a new variant can spread in a small community like Gibraltar.

With some of the new variants showing resistance to the vaccine, the government has urged people to continue the usual safety measures to prevent a new wave of the pandemic.

Minister for Health and Civil Contingencies Samantha Sacramento, is proud of the way the virus was examined so quickly.

“This research shows the level of depth and detail at which we are monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and the prevalence of different strains,” she said.

“Gibraltar is extremely privileged that despite our small size, we have such accomplished professionals doing this vital work.”

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