A BIG left hook in the fourth round decided the most high profile boxing match ever held in Gibraltar.

British boxer Dillian Whyte floored Russian Alexander Povetkin during the pair’s heavyweight rematch at the Europa Sports Centre last Saturday March 27.

Whyte was on top from the get-go but it took four rounds for the Brit to finally drop the Russian with his lethal left hook.

The referee then stopped the fight with Povetkin reeling, leaving Whyte with the revenge he very much deserved.

The win set Whyte up for the possibility to challenge for the world heavyweight crown with other title contenders like Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

“I’m happier for my team than I am for me because some of my staff missed Christmas with their families,” Whyte said after the fight.

“They stayed back to help me train. They did so much behind the scenes to get me into the position for a World Title fight.”

In the first match-up between the pair he said he had been ‘so close’ to victory if it was not for ‘a mistake’ he admitted to have made.

Whyte almost managed the feat early in the first round but then decided to relax and wait for his moment.

On the left hook that sent him reeling, Whyte remarked that Povetkin was brave to get back up again.

“Anybody on the planet that gets hit with that left hook, they’re going down,” said Whyte.

“Some of them might get up but most will stay down. He was badly hurt.

“Now I feel bad. I want him to go home to his family healthy,” said the night’s champion.

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