ROJALES has tendered out a building project worth an estimated €10 million to help the elderly and those with ‘serious mental disorders’.

The municipality, which includes the huge expat urbanisation of Ciudad Quesada, is expanding their entire social services department with a brand new building in the town.

Enric Juan Rojales
SITE VISIT: Enric Juan and colleagues at the site of the proposed health centre

General director of Social Services Infrastructures, Enric Juan, announced the news during a visit to the site intended for the building, located in the Pueblo Bravo district of Quesada.

He explained the centre would house a centre for the elderly in need, a separate unit aiding those with chronic mental illnesses (CEEM) and a rehabilitation and social integration center (CRIS).

Juan confirmed that the remit falls within the general government plans for social services, “in those regions with the greatest need for resources.”

He highlighted that the viability of this project has been, “thanks to the collaboration and joint work” of the Rojales City Council for making the site available.

PRIME LOCATION: Ciudad Quesada

Based on a report by the Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies, the Vega Baja region is a “priority” social services department due to the low coverage of social resources that it has actually.

Built in three parts on the one site, the complex will cover an area of ??16,000 square meters, located in the heart of one of Quesada’s residential districts.

Founded in 1972 by local entrepreneur, Justo Quesada, British and other foreign expats make up over 75% of the population in the area.

Since the turn of the century, the town has developed significantly, with a high proportion of detached villas in purpose-built neighbourhoods around a busy centre.

Ciudad Quesada hit the news early in 2020, when local businesses complained about a perceived lack of municipal funding for road improvements etc.

Investigations revealed that thousands of Quesada residents had not registered on the padron, meaning the local council coffers were wholly inadequate for basic services like rubbish collection.

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