WE made it!

We just published edition 365: The number of days in the year and certainly sleepless nights I have had worrying about being sued, being attacked or being able to make the deadline.

There have certainly been some moments, like the time when we couldn’t afford the printing bill, or the 5am finish when we had to send the entire paper to the printers from our local pub, after a series of power cuts.

And it’s not exactly been a picnic since 2010 with half a decade of recession, followed by four years of Brexit… and then COVID to add to the mix.

Jon Clarke
Jon Clarke, publisher and editor of the Olive Press.

But luckily for us, the best journalism comes out of crises and it’s in times of trouble when good journalists are needed more than ever.

And we have had some of the best, dozens in fact, who have gone on to work in national newspapers back home or on TV networks in America and even Russia.

This intrepid bunch of men and women went out to investigate, probe and explore the four corners of this fine country, scouring the very best stories along the way.

Olive Press 15 years
Just some of the big stories the Olive Press has covered over 15 years.

One thing we have never been short of is stories and the ideas have continued to come thick and fast despite being in business for 15 years.

Now, after launching our sixth edition in Valencia and taking on our first national journalist in Madrid, we are certainly not resting on our laurels.

While we are consolidating our position in Andalucia and on the east coast this year with more papers and more journalists, we are looking to expand again to give our readers even better coverage.

It is luckily thanks to our excellent readers and, above all, clients that we are able to continue to expand and improve our service.

Thanks so much to all of you for allowing me to do this job that I love so much, sleepless nights and all.

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  1. Give yourself a pat on the back Jon. (Reluctantly of course) You’ve been there from the start and kept a grip, Top man. The Valencia edition is most welcome, (being our favourite region) Looking forward to many local revelations. Keep on truckin’.

    Location : malaga

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