A POLICE investigation has found how hash smugglers are using teenagers to help unload bales from speedboats and act as lookouts in Algeciras.

Policia Nacional arrested a total of 37 people in Operacion Tuerca, three of them minors, finding over five tons of hashish over the last few months.

The leader of the gang was Agapito El Rubio, a member of the Chatarrero clan which was recently dismantled by police units.

Police sources revealed the teenagers arrested were from 14 to 16-year-olds, recruited by the son of the gang leader who was 17-years-old himself.

The authorities seized eight speedboats, €18,000 in cash, pricey surveillance equipment and 5.3 tons of hashish valued at €12 million because of its high quantity of THC.

As part of the operation, investigators had to tap 104 telephones to catch El Rubio, who already had various warrants out for his arrest.

A total of 250 agents from the Agencia Tributaria and Policia Nacional were needed to take down the drug baron.

They carried out seven simultaneous raids to arrest the leaders of the clan on April 14.

The gang’s leader, El Rubio, almost escaped through a balcony before the Policia Nacional special ops unit caught up with him.

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