TWO shop assistants have been arrested after a customer was stabbed multiple times after a row in an Alicante City greengrocery.

Two men, aged 20 and 30, were tracked down by the Policia Nacional.

A 26-year-old male customer had just bought some items before getting into a heated row with the assistants.

The argument spilt out onto the street with the two shop workers brandishing two knives and chasing down the man.

He was stabbed by the knives resulting in multiple injuries to his arms and legs.

Passers-by witnessed what happened and helped the victim who was bleeding profusely, as his assailants fled the scene.

Fortunately for him, the wounds were not life-threatening and he required several stitches.

The Policia Nacional visited the shop and immediately identified one of the attackers because he left a bag with his driving licence inside.

Both assailants were tracked down after hiding at the homes of friends who were threatened with reprisals if they tipped off the police about who they were harbouring.


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