A LA LINEA man found with £1200 worth of cocaine while riding into Gibraltar has been arrested and charged on drug trafficking offences.

Spanish national, Luis Miguel Rojas de Federico, 48, was stopped by RGP Drug Squad officers as he rode his motorbike into Gibraltar early this morning.

Officers searched him and found 17 wrappers containing a total of 21 grams of cocaine that can be sold on the street for just over £1200.

Detectives questioned Rojas de Federico and charged with owning, importing and planning to sell Class A drugs on the Rock.

The La Linea de la Concepcion resident, whose motorbike was seized, faces trial at the Magistrates Court on April 26.

Gibraltar Customs supported the operation carried out by the Royal Gibraltar Police in its initiative to stamp out drugs trafficking in the area.

It follows some large-scale raids by Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional agents in the rest of the Campo that has seen the dismantling of powerful drug clans.

In the latest attack on organised crime, over five tons of hashish were seized and 37 people arrested including teenagers who worked for hash smugglers.

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