A LOCAL man who drove the wrong direction up a one way street causing £10,000 of damage in Gibraltar has been sent to prison for six weeks.

Nizar Benyoussef, 23, of Alameda Estate, was also disqualified from driving for three years after police found he did not have valid insurance.

The incident unfolded at 2am on Sunday morning, when Benyoussef drove up Prince Edward’s Road the wrong way.

He crashed into a car driving in the right direction, not once but twice, causing it to skid and burn its tyres as it was pushed up the hill.

According to the RGP, Benyoussef then got out of his car and became aggressive towards the people in the car he had hit.

The next day, he turned up at the police station with an insurance certificate that had been printed that same day.

“This young man has used our roads with a total disregard for the safety of himself and others,” said an RGP spokesperson.

“We are pleased that, as a result of this custodial sentence, he will not be a danger on our roads in the months ahead.”

The total amount of damage Benyoussef caused to the other car was about £10,000.

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