SPAIN has hit its target to vaccinate 5million people by the first week of May. 

The Spanish Government revealed that more than 5 million people in Spain have had both doses. 

Hitting the milestone by the first week of May was a key part of the Government’s plan to set out a roadmap to opening the country back up. 

On April 6, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez set down a series of goals for the vaccination rollout, pledging to have 70% of the population immunized by the end of August. 

Arranca La Vacunacion En El Wizink Center De Madrid Con La Vacuna De Astrazeneca

The latest available figures from the Government’s show 5,098,903 people (10.7% of the population were confirmed to have received the full schedule of two doses after another 766,003 doses were administered over the weekend.

Over 25%, some 12,162,359 people, have received at least one dose of a vaccine.

The next goal are to have 10 million vaccinated with the two doses by the first week of June, 15 million by the third week of June and 25 million by the fourth week of July – the equivalent to approximately the entire over-50 population in Spain.

The COVID-19 vaccination rollout raced to meet May’s objective after a series of setbacks. 

The government had committed to vaccinating 80% of the 80-and-over population in March, but this target was not reached until the end of April.

 A new record was set on Friday, when 504,823 shots were administered – the highest number for a single day – and again on the weekend, when 767,000 doses were injected.

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