A FORMER teacher in Mallorca faces up to twenty years in jail after being accused of sexually abusing multiple pupils.

Standing trial at Palma Court this week, it is alleged that the man groped eight schoolgirls, aged between 12- and 17-years-old, at the capital’s San Alfonso Maria de Ligorio school.

Prosecutors say that from at least 2015, the man ‘showed clear predatory behaviour towards his female pupils’ with ‘actions that were of sexual intent’.

This included touching the girls on their breasts and thighs, running his hands through their hair and caressing their shoulders, necks and backs.

One of his victims also said the man would touch her underneath her clothes.

Interviewing the eight girls before trial, the Child Sexual Abuse Assessment Unit (UVASI) of the Consell de Mallorca, said all of their accounts were ‘credible’ and they ‘did not believe they were an invention or exaggeration of the truth’.

The man denies all accusations and said his actions were simply signs of affection and support.

However, prosecutors say his behaviour was ‘inappropriate’ and ‘crossed the line’, turning ‘what was meant to be a safe haven for the children into an uncomfortable environment’.

If found guilty, the sentence requested is twenty years and the man will also have to compensate his victims for the psychological trauma caused.


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