OVER 50,000 businesses in Andalucia have applied for funding from emergency coronavirus funding. 

The regional government confirmed that 53,796 requests were made for the COVID-19 grant that offers struggling companies a boost of €3000. 

The €132million investment is being delivered by the Junta using funds from EU regional money and aimed at supporting shopkeepers, artisan traders and bars and restaurants affected by the pandemic.

€79million has been put aside to support shops and artisans with a further €52million dedicated to bars and restaurants. 

The aim of the scheme is to help protect people’s jobs, prevent business closure and promote economic recovery.

Some 10,400 small and medium-sized businesses in Malaga have applied for the scheme, with nearly half of the requests coming from shops and the other have been submitted by bar and restaurant businesses. 

Applications are now closed and the Junta hopes to start paying out the grants in full this month using a fast-track process to distribute the support.


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