I had my second vaccine two weeks ago and sadly, once again I had a severe reaction, actually worse than the first time, and I am still feeling very tired and drained.

An issue with Brexit that is now coming to light is that some British Health Insurance companies are no longer covering residents in Spain.

If this is the case for you, please call my Head Office, where you will get the advice and information you need.

Another issue is that there are a large number of British number plated vehicles still on the road in Spain, many of which should be changed to Spanish plates, with residents requiring a Spanish driving licence.

It has been reported in the press that there are over one million vehicles recorded in Spain without a current ITV.

I understand there are nearly three million cars on the roads in Spain, without all the correct paperwork, which represents 8% of all cars registered.

The biggest issue is cars with a lack of insurance.

If the police stop you and unless you are properly and legally insured and have all the correct paperwork, you will be fined very heavily.

Now we have the new speed restrictions in place for urban areas, throughout the whole of Spain, and the government are promising far more speed checks.

That means the chances of being pulled over have increased dramatically as the police are far more active with this new situation.

This will result in a large number of fines, possible points on your licence and in some cases, vehicles impounded and this obviously means your paperwork could be checked more frequently.

Why people think they can drive uninsured cars, is amazing to me.

Hopefully this will help to decrease uninsured cars being driven on the road.

The risks involved with not being insured and being involved in an accident, where there are injuries or death – is just not worth gambling with.

If you have any concerns regarding your vehicle paperwork, please give us a call.

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