ORIHUELA is suffering from an ongoing problem of rubbish-dumping throughout the municipality’s streets.

In the year and eight months since the storms and flooding of September 2019, the Vega Baja has seen continuous dumping of household waste around towns, urbanisations and the coast.

Orihuela Rubbish 2

The city council claims their rubbish collection service has come under extra strain due to neighbours not considering the serious consequences of their actions.

In recent months, the abandonment of bathroom furniture, plumbing, mattresses, whole kitchens and other waste from house renovations has increased considerably. 

This, the council say, is despite awareness campaigns on social media, press and radio.

The Department of Street Cleaning and RSU revealed today, May 31, that more than 500 incidents have been brought to the attention of the Orihuela Local Police, who are in charge of investigating and identifying the offender.

A specific cleaning and collection service has been put in place that also promotes information, current regulations and telephone numbers to call.

Orihuela Rubbish 1

The Councilor for Street Cleaning and RSU, Dámaso Aparicio, stressed: “the need to collaborate by reporting these events to the Orihuela Local Police and to act in a civic manner.”

“Otherwise, no matter what we do, we will not see our streets clean, since it is impossible to have a cleaning worker and a policeman on duty 24 hours a day next to each container,” he continued.

He mentioned the free pick-up service available by calling 965 306 178 (urban areas) or 966 076 100 (rural and coast)

Details are also available online at orihuelalimpia.com

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