ANDALUCIA is to begin scheduling vaccination appointments for people aged under 50 next week.

Junta chief, Juanma Moreno, has announced that vaccination for the under-50s will begin the week of June 7.

According to Moreno, more than 4.5 million doses have already been administered in the region and that ‘well over’ 40% of the target population—some 3.1 million Andalucians—has at least one vaccine.

In fact, the Junta is expected to set a new record this week with 800,000 people vaccinated in seven days.

According to the Minister of the Presidency, Public Administration and Interior, Elias Bendodo, the ‘maximum speed for vaccine administration in Andalucia—100,000 vaccines in a single day—has been set’ and that the region is ‘leading the pace’ in Spain.

To achieve such high numbers of vaccine administration, the number of mass-vaccination centers run by the regional health service SAS has risen from 271 to 300; and the number of third-party sites, such as sports facilities and stadiums, has gone from 140 to 200.


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