MOVIE buffs will love this hip new restaurant just opened in a converted cinema near Ronda (Andalucia).

Caireles Restaurante Club has been born out of a 1940s cinema in the heart of the classic white village of Arriate.

Arriate 1

Local brothers Roberto and Manolo Rivera have skillfully kept many of the original features of the ancient cinema, including the cameras and projectors.

They have incorporated them into the design of the new restaurant, which opened a fortnight ago.

As well as original posters, some of the seats, tickets and even adverts shown before the main event have been conserved.

Even better, the original screen and stage for the Cine Ideal, with its faded paintwork, is still intact out back in a big space, through a set of double doors.

“Our dad was a huge film fan and this was one of the most popular cinemas in the Serrania de Ronda,” explains Manolo.

“Punters travelled for many kilometres to watch films here despite many being heavily censored by the local priest and mayor.

Arriate 3

“Both would insist on watching the film first then demand cuts in many places.”

The cinema stayed open until 1988, when due to dwindling audiences part of it was converted into a flamenco venue.

For years the brothers turned down many lucrative offers to turn the village centre building into apartments…and even a Dia supermarket.

Arriate 2

They hoped one day to bring it back to life and have finally opened it as a restaurant…with the possibility of showing films once again some time in the future.

“This is our legacy and part of our town’s key history,” says Roberto. “I grew up watching Cinema Paradiso and always dreamt of one day opening the cinema up again. 

“One day we hope to be able to find the funding to do that.”

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