A DARING thief has turned himself into the police after choking unconscious a police officer during his arrest.

The Policia Local of Malaga revealed that the dramatic incident occurred last week after a 34-year-old Spanish man was arrested for robbery in the capital.

He was caught in the act trying to rob a motorist in the Miraflores region of Malaga before being spotted by officers patrolling the area.

After noticing the police presence, the two men involved in the car-jacking fled the scene to be chased on foot by the officers, one of which being caught almost immediately.

The other man fled to Calle Mero before being apprehended and a struggle ensued.

According to the statement the criminal attempted to grab the police officer’s weapon unsuccessfully before managing to mount the rear of him and wrapping his arms around his neck.

The officer soon lost consciousness and the criminal fled, leaving the stricken policeman on the floor.

With other numerous records on his criminal history, the man decided to turn himself in this Monday for his crimes after police released a search and arrest warrant for his capture.

The policeman had no lasting effects from the incident and the man will now stand trial for assaulting a police officer and crimes of robbery.


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